SDGs for Indigenous Peoples Stakeholder and Advocacy Roundtable  (13-14 January 2022)

Online Roundtable on SDG and Indigenous Matters in Peninsular Malaysia and Bornean Malaysia



Presentation Decks

Final Schedule


Day 1 [13 Jan, Thursday]

2.30pm (10 mins) Opening Remarks:

  • Sophia Lim, CEO, WWF Malaysia
2.40pm (15-20 mins) Overview of the Project, Roundtable & General Findings:

  • Professor Wong Chin Huat, JSC
3.00pm (1:20 hrs) Session 1: Economics and Well-being Presentation by (20 mins):

  • Justin Liew, JSC

Comments from Discussants (2×10 mins):

  • Professor James Alin, Universiti Malaysia Sabah
  • Reita Rahim, Gerai OA

Q&A (40 mins)

4.20pm (1:40 hrs) Session 2: Land and Culture

Presentation by (30 mins):

  • Kong Phui Yi, JSC
  • Danesh P Chacko, JSC

Comments from Discussants (3×10 mins):

  • Maslah Rompado, Jaringan Orang Asal Se-Malaysia
  • Tan Sri Lee Oi Hian, KLK Berhad
  • Professor Fadzillah Majid Cooke, Independent Research Fellow

Q&A (40 mins)

6.00pm End

Day 2 [14 Jan, Friday]

9.30am (1:20 hrs) Session 3: Governance

Presentation by (20 mins):

  • Ho Yi Jian, JSC

Comments from Discussants (2×10 mins):

  • Anne Lasimbang, PACOS Trust 
  • Norya Abas, POASM

Q&A (40 mins)

10.50am (1:10 hrs) Session 4: Open Reflection Session  

Summary of Points (10 mins.):

  • Karen Chand, JSC

General Reflections (10 mins):

  • Zara Phang, WWF Malaysia

Comments from the floor (50 mins)

12.00pm END


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2020 Mapping Report

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Project Overview

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