PKR MP: Brace for more radical Malay politics in future

A Pakatan Harapan (PH) MP today voiced concern over a possible shift in Malay politics which will be more radical and racist in nature by the next general election.

Lembah Pantai MP Fahmi Fadzil said racist and more extremist sentiments were already becoming more apparent now.

“I think if we are not careful, by the time GE15 comes around, we may see an increase in racial sentiments that are even more extremist, more radical, more exclusivist.

“It is one of the big worries. For me, I see that as a danger to the country.

“The political opportunism that presents itself to political parties, should they decide to embark on this kind of exclusivist vocabulary, coupled with more radicalised action by fomenting certain narratives that are exclusivist, will become a new right (wing) a la Trump.

“It may be made worse,” he said at a forum titled “A New Malaysia: The Way Ahead” held at Sunway University here today.

He was responding to a question by forum moderator Professor James Chin, who is director of the Asia Institute at the University of Tasmania, on the direction of Malay politics.

The PKR communications director also noted that there could be a breaking away of more radical elements in the opposition from party moderates.

“We have to be careful and cautious of segments. The likes of (Sungai Besar Umno chief) Jamal Md Yunos are more exclusivist and more radicalised. Will we see more of him?

“Nevertheless, if the reports coming out of Janda Baik (Umno retreat) are true, that Jamal should take a break, this will be good for Malaysian politics,” he said.

Former Perak menteri besar Zambry Abdul Kadir, in response to this, said some personalities, who are regarded as racists, are products of political dissent and this cannot be avoided.

What was more important, the Umno Supreme Council member stressed, was whether the party condones that kind of personality, and the remarks coming out from such people.

Source: Free Malaysia Today

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