PhD, University of Cambridge; MEng, Imperial College London of Science, Technology & Medicine

Leong Yuen Yoong co-leads the ASEAN Green Deal project at the SDSN-Asia office. This involves reviewing Malaysia’s work and developing technology roadmaps forward for deep decarbonisation, and coordinating similar projects spanning ASEAN countries. City-oriented consumerism of the developed world is unsustainable. Southeast Asia aspires to achieve ecosystem understanding, symbiosis and full lives using less material, and lead the planet in this.

Yuen Yoong also teaches Sustainable Management and Operations in the Master in Sustainable Development Management programme at the Jeffrey Sachs Centre. She brings the care and growth leadership model, the European heritage regarding work as a learning process and board level perspectives to her teaching.

Yuen Yoong began her professional life with Golden Hope Plantations Berhad, Sime Darby Berhad and the Malaysian Life Sciences Capital Fund, and has since had an entrepreneurial career, co-founding two businesses – WAYY Consulting and Natural Ease.


Member, Institute of Corporate Directors Malaysia

Current Projects

Selected Publications

Platts, M.J. and Leong, Y.Y. (2020) Soil Fertility Is a Productive Capital Asset. Agricultural Sciences, 11, 744-776.

Platts, M.J. and Leong, Y.Y. (2019) Achieving High Soil Fertility, Efficient Fruit Harvesting and Low Carbon Footprint Palm Oil Production in Malaysia. Agricultural Sciences, 10, 1396-1403.

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Yuen Yoong Leong (2005) Biopharmaceutical Development Networks: Architecture, Dynamics Processes and Evolution, University of Cambridge: PhD Dissertation.

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