Master in Sustainable Development Management, Sunway University; Master of ASEAN Studies, University Malaya; BSc in Finance and Accounting, University of London

Karen is the Director of Strategy and Operations at the Jeffrey Cheah Institute and Jeffrey Sachs Center, where she plans, organises and oversees all programs and activities. Karen is currently spearheading the design and development of short courses, executive programs and immersive programs for the centre. She is also actively involved in a solutions-driven project in building sustainable cities and communities. Prior to joining Sunway, Karen was part of the senior management of the Razak School of Government where she led the development and delivery of senior level public sector executive education programmes; and research projects on public sector improvement. She was formerly the Research and Communications Manager to a prominent member of Malaysian royalty, with a research focus on human and economic development, governance, education, and national unity. Karen began her career at PricewaterhouseCoopers Malaysia as a strategy consultant. She is a certified career coach and regularly writes speeches and articles. 


SDSN Malaysia Network Manager

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SDGs for Indigenous Peoples

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3004, 2020

What Is Happiness? A Provocative Conversation

Under what conditions do human beings experience the highest levels of happiness, life-satisfaction or subjective well- being? A panel of experts, including Prof Woo Wing Thye, answers from their respective perspectives.

1109, 2019

Varsities act on universal goals

THE 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) address serious global challenges such as climate change, inequality and poor access to education...