The European Economy and Monetary Policy In and Out of the Crisis

After years of double-dip recession, the Euro area began to grow since 2013. But that growth is now experiencing both external and internal headwinds. Dr Tuomas Välimäki of the Bank of Finland will present his views of the current situation in the European economy, arguing that despite the above, we can expect an acceleration of growth towards the end of this year and into 2020. Nevertheless, there remains more to be done in strengthening the European banking sector.

Dr. Tuomas Välimäki has been a member of the Board of the Bank of Finland, the central monetary authority of Finland, since July 2018. He is responsible for investment of the Bank of Finland’s financial assets, monetary policy implementation and market operations as well as academic research and research on transition economies. He also bears the responsibility for central bank services related to digitalisation and IT issues together with information management. His newest book, co-authored with Francesco Papadia, Central Banking in Turbulent Times (2018) examines fundamental questions about the central banking system, asking whether the model of an independent central bank devoted to price stability is the final resting point of a complex development that started centuries ago.

28 March 2019, Thursday
JC3, Level 1, Sunway University Building


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