Can Electoral Systems Encourage Politics of Moderation?

29 May 2019, 2.30pm – 4.00pm, Hall 3 Graduate Center Sunway University.

“Electoral systems influence both politicians and voters, and also shape the development of political parties and party systems.  Sunway University proudly presents an intellectually engaging and politically relevant conversation between Prof Benjamin Reilly, an international electoral system expert who advocates encouraging political moderation through electoral system design – and Dr Wong Chin Huat, Sunway’s own electoral system expert who also serves on the Electoral Reform Committee (ERC). They will lead present ideas on what may be done to improve our electoral system and move Malaysian politics away from race and religion.”


  1. Dr Wong Chin Huat, Senior Fellow, Jeffrey Sachs Center on Sustainable Development
  2. Professor Benjamin Reilly, Professor, The University of Western Australia.

Moderated by Dr Lyana Khairuddin


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