PhD, University of New England (Australia); Master of Agricultural Studies, Australian National University (Australia); Bachelor of Science University of Ceylon (Peradeniya, Sri Lanka).

Professor Gamini Herath is Professor of Economics at the School of Business, Monash University Malaysia. He is also the Cluster Leader of the Sustainability Development cluster of Global Asia in the 21st Century (GA21) multidisciplinary research platform. His principal research interests are in environmental economics, institutional change, globalization and sustainable development in Asia. He was a visiting professor at University of Montana, USA (1999), Missouri University USA (2004, 2008) and a visiting Scholar to the International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington DC (2002). Prior to joining Monash University, Prof. Herath worked at Deakin University and Las Trobe University Australia for nearly 17 years.


  • Professor, Monash University Malaysia

Current Projects

Selected Publications

Books & Book Chapters:

  • Gamini Herath, Akram Hasanov, Jeehye Park, “Impact of Climate Change on Paddy Production in Malaysia: Empirical Analysis at the National and State Level Experience”, International Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management, Springer Cham, 2019, pp. 656-664.
  • Gamini Herath, “Challenges in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN in ASIA: Can the Environmental Goals Be Realized”, International Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management, Springer Cham, 2019, pp. 656-664.
  • Herath, Gamini & Hasanov, Akram. (2017). Climate change and threats to sustainability in South East Asia: Dynamic modelling approach for Malaysia, 10.1007/978-3-319-27589-5_7.
  • Herath, Gamini. (2017). “Sustainable Tourism Development in Asia”, in Tourism and Opportunities for Economic Development in Asia. 10.4018/978-1-5225-2078-8.ch006.

Refereed journal papers:

  • G. Herath and Wai Chin Poon, “Comments on US-China Trade War: Potential Trade and Investment Spillovers into Malaysia”, Asian Economic Papers 18:3 (2019).
  • Ilankoon, I M Saman K & Petersen, Jochen & Ghorbani, Yousef & Herath, Gamini & Chong, Meng Nan & Moyo, Thandazile, “E-waste in the international context – A review of trade flows, regulations, hazards, waste management strategies and technologies for value recovery”, Waste Management 82 (2018), pp. 258-275.
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