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The Critical Role of R&D in Universities to Advance Malaysia to Become A Scientific Nation

Universities play an important role in producing research and a highly skilled S&T workforce to support the national transformation plan. Based on the speaker’s doctoral study, this session will examine existing theories on university performance and explore ways to capitalize on the tacit knowledge and skills embodied within individuals in developing countries. The speaker will share insights from her research that suggest universities should play more active role to develop Malaysia into an Asian scientific hub.

High Impact Research to Boost World University Ranking High Impact Research to Boost World University Ranking

The creation of 5 research universities was an excellent move for Malaysia but it is not enough to elevate the country to the ranks of an elite group of nations that host the world’s Top 100 universities. This session will present the rationale behind designating selected research universities in Malaysia to compete in global university rankings. It is the responsibility of the premier research university to set a new academic culture and serve as an example of premier educational excellence. The speaker will explain on how the decision to embrace change has quickly taken University of Malaya to the forefront of global competition today. The experience of UM could serve to enlighten other Malaysian universities aspiring to compete in world university rankings on how they could organize themselves for this extremely challenging task.