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It is obvious that social media will be setting the agenda for the next general elections. In fact, there is little doubt that social media will decide whether Pakatan Harapan will last its full term in power. What does it mean for Malaysia now that the political class in Malaysia is held hostage by social media? Does the Malaysian social media landscape reflect the ‘will’ of the people or organised groups with the resources to manipulate social media? Given the omnipresence of religious and ethnic tensions, will social media be the space for hate speech and right-wing groups? What role will online news play in this space?

This event is held in conjunction with the launch of the book Malaysian Politics in the New Media Age: Implications on the Political Communication Process, by Dr Pauline Leong. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the impact of the Internet on Malaysian politics and how it has played a pivotal role in influencing the country’s political climate. It investigates the interplay between traditional and new media on politics in Malaysia.