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The Asian Economic Panel invites about forty leading economists from all over the world to each meeting to discuss the subjects of that particular meeting. Holding its first meeting in April of 2001, The Asian Economic Panel meets three times a year in different parts of the world to discuss economic issues that pertain either to sub-regions of Asia or to particular Asian countries. Prominent scholars from the Asia Pacific as well as further afield have participated in the Panel.

A carefully selected subset of the papers presented at each meeting is published in Asian Economic Papers (AEP) three times per year. The AEP articles focus on rigorous, objective analysis of key economic issues of a particular Asian economy or of the broader Asian region, and offer creative solutions to these Asian economic issues. The topics cover macroeconomics, trade relations, currencies, financial markets, fiscal and industrial policy, development and human capital. More pressing current issues are discussed as well, such as the US-China Trade War, the Global Financial Crisis, rising inequality and changes in the global trade environment.

The AEP both selects articles from open submissions and solicits articles from the top experts in the fields that are of high contemporary interest. Membership of the Asian Economic Panel is by invitation only.