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Are Malaysian Universities Driving the Creation of Competitive Advantage?

We live in an era that is characterised by globalisation and rapid change. Globalisation however, is a double-edged sword. Critics argue that globalisation has been a catalyst for widening socio-economic inequality. The digital age driven by disruptive innovation are placing new and unique demands on the workplace landscape. Education is acknowledged as a great leveler and a very potent weapon for combating inequality. Given the new realities, however, are Malaysian universities, in their current form, equipped to drive the creation of national competitive advantage?

Developing Quality Human Capital for the Energy Industry

As we approach the Vision 2020, getting the most of our talent will be critical for us to move up the economic value chain especially in the energy industry. Important issues like brain drain, an ageing population, an underperforming workforce, large skills gaps and increasing technical complexity in the industry warrant us to manage human capital development more ingeniously and strategically. The session will discuss the issues related to the development of quality human capital for the energy industry in today’s climate-sensitive and post-energy crisis world.

Post-GE14: Amending the Public and Private University Governing Acts for the Future of Higher Education in Malaysia

Malaysia’s 14th General Election is now heralded as an historic event for Malaysia, one that places high expectations on the new government to fulfil the promises contained in its election manifesto. One of the commitments made was to institute reforms in the education sector, including in higher education. This session will discuss the possible changes to both the Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA) and the Private Higher Education Act (PHEA) that would result in better educational outcomes in the future. The session will also examine the challenges in carrying out these reforms; and will suggest initiatives that could generate favourable long term impact on the quality of Malaysian higher education to be comparable to that of the best performing countries.