Comment | Amphibian politicians: Options to manage them

Malaysia is no stranger to elected representatives changing political parties during their term period. Previously, such movements have resulted in the collapse of a certain state government at a certain time.

However, the issue of defections rose to an unprecedented level this year when the democratically elected federal government of Pakatan Harapan collapsed, followed by a string of collapses of Harapan state governments in the span of four months.

The implications of this round of ‘crossing the floor’ caused unprecedented shockwaves and created a dangerous situation of apathy and disillusionment for voters. In light of these events, voters feel helpless, betrayed, and may refuse to come out in big numbers for future elections. However, it is important to put aside emotions, examine the reasons behind defections, and think of measures to manage this issue.

Firstly, we, as voters, should be objective when examining the motivations for an elected representative to switch allegiances. Beyond the minimalistic view that a politician defects to get a better deal, let’s examine…


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