PhD in Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, Queen Mary, U. of London; BSc. (Hons) Physics, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Dr Chong is a physicist specialising in condensed matter. He completed his PhD at Queen Mary University of London and worked at several universities in the UK prior to relocating back to Malaysia.

He is involved in a number of international consortium projects in nuclear energy research, and has served as panellist for UK, USA, China and European Research Council. He was recently appointed as an overseas expert to assist Chongqing SAR in research and development infrastructure, especially in human capital training. He is currently an Ambassador of Academic and Research Partnerships at Sunway University, Malaysia.


  1. Ambassador of Academics & Research Partnerships (Asia), Sunway University

Current Projects

External Publications

K. B. Chong, Jiang Cheng, Rong Hu, Kun Wang, Xiang Meng, Ying Li, Xin Yang, Xiaoqing Liao, Lu Li. (2019). Air‐Stable Solar Cells with 0.7 V Open‐Circuit Voltage Using Selenized Antimony Sulfide Absorbers Prepared by Hydrazine‐Free Solution Method, Solar RRL 5/2019

K. B. Chong, The Academic Quality of Malaysian Universities, 庄国文,马来西亚大学的学术水平,《 浮躁•族群•市场化—困局中的大学》,潘永强编, 大将出版社,ISBN:9789674192419, January 2018.

J. Cheng, R. Hu; X. Meng. Y. Li; X. Yan, X. Yang; X. Liao, L. Li; Q. Pei; & K. B. Chong. (2018) Realization of Large‐Scale Polymer Solar Cells Using Ultrasonic Spray Technique Via Solvent Engineering, Solar RRL, 2(7), 1870184.

K. B. Chong, & Fitzpatrick, Michael E. (2017). Evolution of Stress Fields and Phase Content in Corroded Zirconium Cladding Materials. Surface and Coatings Technology, 324, 140–145.

JCI Events

ASEAN Ministers Workshop 2017

April 25, 2017 - April 26, 2017

For details, kindly download the e-leaflet.

External Talks and Presentations

  • 23-25 August 2018: Paradigm Shift in Advance Manufacturing & Engineering: Applications of Computational Materials Physics, Symposium F: Digital Impact, First Smart China Expo, Chongqing, China.
  • 19 May 2018: Panellist for 马来西亚教育:迷路和困局Malaysia Education: Lost and Dilemma, Auditorium Sinchew Jit Pao, Petaling jaya, 19 May 2018.

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