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Closing in on a solution

Prof Leong Choon Heng gives the reasons he is optimistic that we will be able to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Closing in on a solution2020-03-17T19:48:39+08:00

Video: Pakatan Harapan at risk of implosion?

Great numbers comes with great responsibility. The StarTV conducted an interview with political scientist Dr Wong Chin Huat in June 2018...

Video: Pakatan Harapan at risk of implosion?2022-02-07T11:12:50+08:00

Penang Institute Chats

Is Malaysia ready for a mature democracy? This week we find out why Dr Wong Chin Huat always wears black and hear his thoughts on whether our new Malaysia truly is new...

Penang Institute Chats2020-02-20T12:47:14+08:00

Wong Chin Huat

Professor, Governance Studies Division Jeffrey Cheah ...

Wong Chin Huat2022-05-12T15:28:53+08:00