Wong Chin Huat

Professor Wong is a resident political scientist at the Jeffrey Cheah Institute and the Jeffrey Sachs Center inquiring on how democracy and group competition may produce a sustainable future for humans. A Chevening scholar, he studied electoral system and party system at University of Essex. Convinced by Federalist Paper No 10, Wong sees division is inevitable to democracy as aging is to longevity. In collaboration with electoral reform lobby Bersih 2.0, he and his team at Penang Institute scrutinised the Election Commission’s constituency delimitation proposals in 2016-8, producing nine reports filed in courts by litigants including state governments. Wong now leads the cluster on electoral system and constituency delimitation in the Electoral Reform Committee (ERC). Besides academic papers, he also writes commentaries in English, Chinese and Malay for New York Times, Project Syndicate, Malaysiakini and other media.

Kavitha Ambigabadi

As the Manager of Graduate Studies, Kavitha plans, organises and manages all matters related to the Jeffrey Cheah Institute and the Jeffrey Sachs Center’s academic programs, which include student admission, programme administration, learning management systems, marketing and promotion, academic quality management and student experience. Kavitha holds a Bachelor’s in Management from the University of Science Malaysia (USM) and an MBA (1st Class) from University Utara Malaysia (UUM). She also holds a Train the Trainer Certificate from the HRDF.

Hendry Ng

As the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr Ng administers the academic programmes of the Jeffrey Cheah Institute and the Jeffrey Sachs Center in two main areas: office administration and academic quality management. The administration activities include student relations, teaching staff engagement, marketing & branding; while the academic quality management covers curriculum development and programme standards. Trained in Computer Science and Management Science, Dr Ng has 10 years’ experience in the IT industry, and 22 years in academia. For the last 15 years, has been involved in education of adult learners. This includes 10 years as the Director of Victoria University Postgraduate programmes at Sunway College.