Seminars on new economic model

The Malaysian Economic Association (MEA) and the Jefferey Cheah Institute on Southeast Asia at Sunway University (JCI) will jointly organise four seminars on the New Economic Model (NEM) from Aug 1- Oct 31.

The seminars are aimed at creating a forum to discuss awareness on the state of Malaysia’s economy and policy reforms required to reinvigorate investor confidence in the country.

MEA deputy president Datuk Latifah Merican Cheong said the seminars, entitled, “Revisiting The New Economic Model (NEM): Lags and Prospects”, will include discussions on a few perspectives.

It includes, The Malaysian Economy: Where are We?”, Lessons for Malaysia from the Reform Experiences of the Other Countries, Policy Imperatives to Drive Future Growth, and The Reform Program for Dynamic Sustainable Development.

“The joint JCI-MEA seminars are timely in bringing this topic for public discussions. With 2020 closing in, the seminars are also envisaged to yield useful insights and ideas for making recommendations to the relevant agencies.

“Economic experts from the Shanghai University, the Harvard Kennedy School, former Thailand and Indonesian Finance Ministers, analysts from the Asian region and Malaysia will participate.

“They will in turn also engage in fruitful exchanges and debate on their reflections and insights on the country’s economic journey and policy imperatives going forward,” Latifah told a media briefing on the JCI-MEA seminar in Petaling Jaya on Monday.

She also said the reform experiences of other countries will add insightful perspectives to the discourse.

There is no registration fee for the seminars, which will, however, be limited to between 200 and 250 participants. -Bernama

Source – The Star Online