EMD economies bracing for more challenges

While the recent surge in ex­ports and strengthening demand across most economies have buoyed expectations that the global economy is on an upward growth trajectory this year, the external environment of emerging market and developing (EMD) economies is set to be­come more challenging in the medium term. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its latest outlook publication has de­scribed it as a “less travelled and complicated” external environ­ment for the EMD economies.

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Embracing automation, innovation and disruptive technologies

The planned launch of the world’s first Digital Free Trade Zone in Malaysia in March this year has sparked interest not only among the wider public as consumers but also among technopreneurs and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) interested to tap the domestic and international e-commerce opportunities.

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International Analysis: The Molotov Cocktail of Race and Religion in Malaysia

Last week, the highest court in Malaysia ruled that the Catholic Church cannot use the word “Allah” in its publication The Herald. The government argued that the word “Allah” is unique to Islam, and restricted its use to Muslims. This goes against the established fact that non-Muslims have used the word “Allah” since time immemorial in the Middle East and other parts of the Islamic world. Continue reading “International Analysis: The Molotov Cocktail of Race and Religion in Malaysia”


Obama-mania Coming! The visit could not come at a more symbolic time. The last time a sitting American president came to Malaysia was in 1966 when President Lyndon B. Johnson came for a quick visit. That was 48 years ago..

By: James Chin

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